Former Attorney General and Lt. Governor David Leroy Endorses Raúl Labrador for Attorney General Citing the Need for a Strong Relationship with the Legislature and a Renewed Focus on the Office of Solicitor General

Former Attorney General and Lt. Governor David Leroy Endorses Raúl Labrador for Attorney General Citing the Need for a Strong Relationship with the Legislature and a Renewed Focus on the Office of Solicitor General

Boise, ID – David Leroy, Idaho’s former Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor, today endorsed Raúl Labrador for Attorney General.


“Raúl has a unique combination of legal, legislative, and congressional experience, which no prior Idaho Attorney General in history has ever brought to the office. Raúl Labrador is just the right leader we need for these times,” said David Leroy.


“With Raúl’s unique skillset and the trust he has earned over the years from our state legislators, he can help avoid courtroom losses that have been so costly to our taxpayers. The Republican-dominated Legislature will carefully listen to Labrador’s counsel. He can work with legislators before, during, and after significant trial and appellate cases to improve our winning percentages and track record in the defense of legislation, “ Leroy added.


David Leroy also emphasized Labrador’s desire to improve the quality of Idaho’s appellate advocacy with a renewed focus on a Solicitor General for the state.


“During my tenure as Attorney General, I created the post of Solicitor General within the to designate a top appellate lawyer to present the toughest and highest profile cases to both the Idaho Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. Somewhere along the intervening years, the title of Solicitor General, that organizational commitment and emphasis was disbanded. Raúl has stated that he will restore a Solicitor General’s concept with highly trained lawyers who will be prepared to defend our state in the appellate courts,” said Leroy.


Leroy also pointed out that it is the wrong time to have a Democrat serve as Attorney General especially after the Biden Administration sued the state of Idaho and continues to encroach on our state’s sovereignty. “While under attack from the national Government, we must not have a partisan Democrat who has already said he would not defend the State of Idaho aggressively in federal court and may be tempted to be “soft on Biden,” said Leroy.


Raúl thanked former Attorney General Leroy for his support.


“I appreciate the support from former Attorney General David Leroy and his agreement that we must have an energized, focused, and professional Attorney General’s office to defend Idaho during these unprecedented times,” said Raúl. “While my opponent in this race has cut backroom deals to run for the office and steeped his campaign in politics while claiming to be non-political, I will remain focused on defending Idaho’s state sovereignty and protecting our citizens.”


Senator Mike Lee Endorses Labrador

U.S. Senator Mike Lee Endorses Raúl Labrador 

Boise, ID – Conservative U.S. Senator Mike Lee has endorsed Raúl Labrador.

Senator Mike Lee said, “Our nation is at a tipping point. Now, more than ever, we need public servants willing to defend our Constitution and advocate for the people. I have known Raúl for years: he’s a man of faith and integrity. As Idaho’s Attorney General, Raúl will fight for the families of Idaho. In this moment of great national turmoil, Raúl will stand for the rule of law; protect the unborn; and defend our constitution. With two years left of the Biden Administration, we need fighters like Raúl. He has my full endorsement in his race for Idaho Attorney General.”

Secretary Mike Pompeo Endorses Raúl for Attorney General

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Endorses Raúl Labrador for Attorney General

Conservative leader and former U.S. Representative Raúl Labrador today received a major endorsement for his campaign.

Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is endorsing Labrador for Attorney General.

Speaking about his endorsement, Secretary Mike Pompeo said, “Raúl Labrador is an unwavering conservative who has always supported constitutional liberty. You always know where Raúl stands; he is there for our economic freedoms, our religious freedoms and our Second Amendment rights. Raúl understands the importance of state sovereignty and the need to check the power of Washington bureaucrats. We need strong leaders like Raúl challenging the Biden and socialist agenda in our courts. I have known Raúl for many years, he will be a champion for Idaho and our conservative values as your next Attorney General. I am proud to endorse him.”

Secretary Pompeo posted his endorsement on his Twitter account and in his Facebook feed.

“I thank Mike for his endorsement,” said Raúl Labrador. “As our nation’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo projected American strength around the world. Serving in President Trump’s cabinet, Mike understood that America first policies make us stronger, not weaker. Mike Pompeo has consistently stood up for our conservative values, championing faith and freedom, from his time in Congress to his service as Secretary of State.”

Champion American Value’s PAC, Chaired by Secretary Pompeo, has also endorsed Labrador; posting this video

Labrador Earns Key Endorsement of 2022 AG Candidate, Freedom Fighter and Successful North Idaho Attorney Colton Boyles

Labrador Earns Key Endorsement of 2022 AG Candidate, Freedom Fighter and Successful North Idaho Attorney Colton Boyles

Momentum grows as Labrador’s fundraising surpasses $200,000 raised in less than one month

Boise, ID – Today, conservative leader and former U.S. Representative Raúl Labrador announced the endorsement of North Idaho attorney, conservative activist, and freedom fighter D. Colton Boyles. Boyles had previously filed to run for the office of Attorney General in 2022, and has now dropped out of the race to endorse Labrador.

“We need Raúl Labrador to be our next Idaho Attorney General. Idahoans demand our next Attorney General oppose the unconstitutional power grab coming from our government. Those who seek to limit our constitutional liberties are betraying our citizens. Raúl is a proven conservative who time and again has fought for liberty, taken on the establishment, and won. I’m proud to endorse Raúl and I am confident he will keep his promises and fight to protect our medical freedom, our parents and children, and our Idaho way of life,” said Boyles.

Boyles, who is the successful managing director of Boyles Law, PLLC, joins a growing movement of conservatives and liberty leaders uniting behind Labrador’s candidacy. Boyles’ endorsement follows a wave of momentum for Labrador, including strong fundraising numbers.

Today, Labrador is also announcing his campaign committee raised over $200,000 in less than one month.

“I thank Colton for his support. Colton’s endorsement shows that Idahoans agree we must rally together to have a strong conservative voice in the Attorney General’s office. Idahoans are responding to my message that government must remain in the hands of the people as our Constitution intends,” said Labrador.”

Labrador campaign raises $100,000 for AG race in just 2 weeks

Labrador raises $100,000 for AG race in just 2 weeks

The people of Idaho know we need a stronger voice

Boise, ID – Conservative leader and former Congressman Raúl Labrador is making serious headway in his campaign to become Idaho’s next Attorney General and it is reflected in his fundraising numbers.

Today Labrador is announcing he has raised $100,000 in his first two weeks.

“The people of Idaho are ready for a change. We need an Attorney General who is not there to simply occupy an office for decades. We need an Attorney General who will stand up, fight back, and speak out for Idaho,” added Labrador.

“As our next Attorney General I will stand up for individual liberty, push back consistently against Biden’s unconstitutional overreach and defend our state’s sovereignty. I will protect our Idaho conservative values and keep our families safe,” said Labrador.

Labrador began accepting online support just after his announcement at The campaign expects to continue picking up steam in the coming weeks.

“We are building a strong campaign across the state, working with conservative grassroots leaders and concerned citizens. They know I will maintain law and order in our communities, protect Idahoans’ religious freedom, ensure election integrity, and help enable parents to freely exercise their right to direct their children’s education without fear of federal retaliation,” said Labrador.

‘For the soul of our nation’: Raul Labrador is running for Idaho attorney general – IDAHO STATESMAN

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Former Republican congressman Raúl Labrador is running for attorney general.

Labrador, an ex-Idaho GOP chairman and state legislator, announced his campaign and filed for his candidacy with the Secretary of State’s Office on Wednesday.

Labrador said in a news release Wednesday that “great battles for the soul of our nation are taking place in our courthouses,” appearing to refer to the lawsuits against Democratic President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“As attorney general, I will defend our liberties and hold the Biden administration accountable. We need an attorney general who has the knowledge, experience and strength to help lead these efforts,” Labrador said.

The attorney was elected U.S. representative for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District in 2010. Labrador didn’t run for reelection to the U.S. House in 2018 and instead ran for governor against Brad Little, who beat him in the GOP primary and won the general election.

Before Labrador was in Congress, he served in the Idaho House for four years as a representative for District 14, which includes Star and Eagle.

Since his lost bid for Idaho’s executive office, he’s remained in the political limelight. He was elected Idaho’s Republican Party chairman and stepped down after a year.

In January he joined the Central District Health board as a controversial pick for Ada County’s representative. Over the past year, he’s been a strong conservative voice on public health restrictions over the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly questioning the effectiveness of masks and departing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to use them.

Idaho has joined three multistate lawsuits against the Biden administration’s mandates — on health care workers, federal contractors and businesses with 100 or more employees. The mandate for large businesses includes weekly COVID-19 testing as an option. A U.S. appeals court put the federal government’s mandate for private employers on hold last week.

Labrador joins a crowded field of Republican candidates vying for seats in the 2022 GOP primary election in May.

Two other candidates have filed to run for the attorney general seat, both as Republicans — Art Macomber, who has represented Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin in the past, and Dennis Boyles. GOP Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, who is serving his fifth straight term, has not said whether he plans to run for reelection.

Labrador Enters Race for Idaho Attorney General

Labrador will defend Idaho’s sovereignty, protect the individual rights of Idaho’s citizens, fight back against the Biden Administration’s destructive policies, and ensure conservative legislators have a true partner in the Attorney General’s office

Boise, ID – Proven conservative leader and former Congressman Raúl Labrador is announcing today that he will enter the 2022 race for Idaho Attorney General.

“Right now the great battles for the soul of our nation are taking place in our courthouses. The Biden Administration is pushing an unlawful agenda that interferes with the sovereignty of the State of Idaho and the freedoms, liberties, and economic future of Idahoans. As Attorney General, I will defend our liberties and hold the Biden Administration accountable. We need an Attorney General who has the knowledge, experience and strength to help lead these efforts,” said Labrador.

“The U.S. and Idaho Constitutions give us the authority to challenge and stop ongoing Biden Administration overreach. The 10th Amendment gives the people of Idaho explicit powers that Idaho’s Attorney General can exercise. As a former Member of Congress, I have seen 10th Amendment Constitutional battles up close. Conservative Attorneys General throughout the United States are taking the lead on cases against the radical Left. Too often, Idaho has been standing on the sidelines, refusing in some cases to engage in these fights. As Idaho’s Attorney General, I will stand up and fight,” said Labrador.

“I will also be a true partner with conservative lawmakers in the Legislature as they work to draft and write good laws that will stand up against the gamesmanship of activist judges. It is critical that we have a new Attorney General who can work with the Legislature to craft legislation to withstand judicial tests and protect Idaho’s sovereignty,” said Labrador.

“I will also maintain law and order in our communities, protect Idahoans’ religious freedom, ensure election integrity, and help enable parents to freely exercise their right to direct their children’s education without fear of federal retaliation.”

In Congress, Raúl Labrador fought to protect Idaho’s citizens. He pushed an immigration enforcement bill that would have added more than 10,000 additional armed federal immigration officers, penalized sanctuary cities, allowed local police to assist in federal immigration enforcement, and imposed new criminal penalties for immigration violators.

Labrador also supported legislation targeting gang members, and backed federal constitutional carry provisions and legislation to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Labrador promoted efforts to get justice for victims of human trafficking and to help target the perpetrators.

Labrador kept his promises to his constituents. He earned a nearly 96% conservative rating from the American Conservative Union; multiple 100% scores from the Family Research Council and National Right to Life; consistently high marks from the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation; and was named a Guardian of Small Business by the nation’s largest small business organization, NFIB.

Prior to his service in Congress, Raúl Labrador was a successful attorney practicing in the areas of criminal, immigration, and adoption law. He owned a law firm with offices in Nampa and Boise. Labrador also served as a Law Clerk for the United States Court for the District of Idaho and interned for the Criminal Division of a United States Attorney’s office.

Labrador lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife Rebecca. They are the proud parents to five children and have two grandchildren.

“I am the product of the American dream. I was raised by a single mother who made sure I had every opportunity she never had. She taught me that if I worked hard, was honest, treated people with respect and received a good education, I would be successful in life. As a young man, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout and developed leadership skills and discipline. I worked my way through college, and earned a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a law degree from the University of Washington. I practiced law for several years and ran my own firm. When I decided to give back through public service, the citizens of Idaho granted me the privilege of serving them as a State Representative and a Member of Congress. I am so excited to serve the people of Idaho again,” said Labrador.

Labrador looks forward to working with conservative grassroots leaders and the working men and women of Idaho to build a strong campaign.