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As our next Attorney General I will stand up for individual liberty, push back against Biden's unconstitutional overreach, defend our state's sovereignty, protect our Idaho conservative values, and keep our families safe.


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About Raúl Labrador

Leadership and Experience to Protect Idaho

These are trying times. Washington, DC liberals are undermining our state's sovereignty and way of life. Raúl Labrador has lived the American Dream: hard work, family values, and consistently defending our Constitutional freedoms, safety, and never backing down from our conservative principles. He has the experience and leadership we need to protect Idaho.

Hard Work, Honesty, & Determination

Raised by a single parent, Raúl worked his way through college, earned a law degree, worked in our courts, served in the Criminal Division of a United States Attorney’s office, and went on to build a successful business right here in Idaho.

Conservative Leadership

He was elected to the Idaho House where he stopped job killing taxes. In Congress, he became a national leader, co-founding the Freedom Caucus, and taking on the liberal special interests to protect Constitutional liberty, build a stronger economy, ensure our safety and security, while preserving our Idaho conservative values.

Family Values

A family man, Raúl lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife Rebecca. They are the proud parents to five children and have two grandchildren. 

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