Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Endorses Raúl Labrador for Attorney General

Conservative leader and former U.S. Representative Raúl Labrador today received a major endorsement for his campaign.

Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is endorsing Labrador for Attorney General.

Speaking about his endorsement, Secretary Mike Pompeo said, “Raúl Labrador is an unwavering conservative who has always supported constitutional liberty. You always know where Raúl stands; he is there for our economic freedoms, our religious freedoms and our Second Amendment rights. Raúl understands the importance of state sovereignty and the need to check the power of Washington bureaucrats. We need strong leaders like Raúl challenging the Biden and socialist agenda in our courts. I have known Raúl for many years, he will be a champion for Idaho and our conservative values as your next Attorney General. I am proud to endorse him.”

Secretary Pompeo posted his endorsement on his Twitter account and in his Facebook feed.

“I thank Mike for his endorsement,” said Raúl Labrador. “As our nation’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo projected American strength around the world. Serving in President Trump’s cabinet, Mike understood that America first policies make us stronger, not weaker. Mike Pompeo has consistently stood up for our conservative values, championing faith and freedom, from his time in Congress to his service as Secretary of State.”

Champion American Value’s PAC, Chaired by Secretary Pompeo, has also endorsed Labrador; posting this video