Labrador raises $100,000 for AG race in just 2 weeks

The people of Idaho know we need a stronger voice

Boise, ID – Conservative leader and former Congressman Raúl Labrador is making serious headway in his campaign to become Idaho’s next Attorney General and it is reflected in his fundraising numbers.

Today Labrador is announcing he has raised $100,000 in his first two weeks.

“The people of Idaho are ready for a change. We need an Attorney General who is not there to simply occupy an office for decades. We need an Attorney General who will stand up, fight back, and speak out for Idaho,” added Labrador.

“As our next Attorney General I will stand up for individual liberty, push back consistently against Biden’s unconstitutional overreach and defend our state’s sovereignty. I will protect our Idaho conservative values and keep our families safe,” said Labrador.

Labrador began accepting online support just after his announcement at The campaign expects to continue picking up steam in the coming weeks.

“We are building a strong campaign across the state, working with conservative grassroots leaders and concerned citizens. They know I will maintain law and order in our communities, protect Idahoans’ religious freedom, ensure election integrity, and help enable parents to freely exercise their right to direct their children’s education without fear of federal retaliation,” said Labrador.