Raúl Labrador
Idaho's Next Attorney General

Raúl Labrador was raised in a single parent home. Even though they struggled financially, his mother always taught him the value of a good education and she worked hard to make sure he had opportunities she never had.
With the mentorship of great leaders, he became an Eagle Scout and worked countless jobs – from delivering newspapers, to working in restaurants, and even teaching Spanish to missionaries – to earn a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a law degree from the University of Washington.
After law school, he interned for the Criminal Division of a United States Attorney’s office and served as a Law Clerk for the United States Court for the District of Idaho.
Raúl then built a successful small business and was the owner and managing partner of a firm with offices in Boise and Nampa. He learned what it meant to meet a payroll and understood the burdens that government puts on the backs of small businesses and job creators.
Armed with the knowledge and understanding that citizens need to preserve their freedom and keep government in check, Raúl ran for the State Legislature and was elected twice.  Serving in the Legislature he became a powerful advocate for liberty and for protecting taxpayers, helping defeat tax increases which would have harmed Idaho’s economy.
Seeing Washington, DC bureaucrats and liberal politicians continue to encroach on the liberty and prosperity of Americans, Raúl chose to run for Congress.  He was elected four times by the citizens of Idaho who were seeking a strong voice for our state.
In Congress, Labrador was joined by President Trump in pushing an immigration enforcement bill that would have added more than 10,000 additional armed federal immigration officers, penalized sanctuary cities, allowed local police to assist in federal immigration enforcement, and imposed new criminal penalties for immigration violators.
Labrador also supported Legislation targeting gang members, and backed federal constitutional carry provisions and legislation to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Labrador promoted efforts to get justice for victims of human trafficking and to help target the perpetrators.
Raúl kept his promises to his constituents.  He was one of 9 founding members of the House Freedom Caucus, along conservative leaders like Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows.  He earned a nearly 96% conservative rating from the American Conservative Union, multiple 100% Family Research Council and National Right to Life scores, A ratings from the NRA, and consistent high marks from the Gun Owners of America and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and was named a Guardian of Small Business by the nation’s largest small business organization, NFIB.

A family man, Raúl lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife Rebecca. They are the proud parents to five children and have two grandchildren.
Now with the great battles for the soul of our nation taking place in our courthouses, Raúl is running for Idaho Attorney General.  He will defend Idahoan’s individual liberties, fight back against the Biden administration’s failed policies, and ensure conservative Legislators have a true partner in the Attorney General’s office.
He knows the future of all Idahoans is impacted by the decisions of the Biden Administration.  The courts must hold Biden accountable for overstepping his authority and violating our Constitution. Raúl knows we need an Attorney General who has the knowledge, experience and willpower to help lead these efforts. 

Labrador for Idaho P.O. Box 1899   Boise, ID 83701